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Solid, Broken, Changing is my new young adult novel. It’s about being alive in the Anthropocene.

Rich and robust, this expertly crafted sci fi/dystopian novel will have you turning pages until the very end.Reviewed, below, by Kristine L.

The Anthropocene.  Human activity disturbing the webs of life on Earth. Urgent, compounding consequences for humans and nonhumans. An unknowable future, filled with wild cards.  

We humans don’t know what it means to live the Anthropocene. It’s too early to tell. Meanwhile, young people everywhere are having to figure it out as they go.

Kally, aka the human antenna, sensed it coming. Planet Earth was shifting under her feet. So was her family. But she never imagined their tipping points would let go this soon–or this fast.

Now, Kally and her father are sheltering in place with strangers on an island off of Maine. As each new wave of planetary change sweeps the tiny enclave, she fears that she will never get the chance to realize her dreams.

In her urgent search for bearings, Kally discovers a surprising ally in Stuart, a champion freerunner who believes he can vault and spin beyond whatever gets in his way. But, when they pool their skills, they soon realize that no map exists for what they and the earth are becoming.

Setting out to find her way in a future that promises nothing but upheaval, Kally dares to steer by the only pole star she has left–her unbreakable creativity.

You can buy Solid, Broken, Changing on Amazon in paperback or ebook,

and at Barnes and Noble and other indie bookstores.

what readers are saying about
Solid, Broken, Changing:

Loved it! 😍. **** four stars

Kristine L.

Rich and robust, this expertly crafted sci fi/dystopian novel will have you turning pages until the very end.

“Trust nothing you thought you knew. Expect only the unexpected.”
That adage ably sums up this wonderfully rich and inventive Young Adult novel.

It’s summer off the coast of Maine. Kally and her father David, an emergency management professional, are sailing aboard Home, their stalwart vessel of many memoires. The weather forecast says “perfect.” An artist, Kally is trying to figure out her future and is about to begin her college tour. Dad is about to tell Kally Something Important – Something Big – when Home is hit by a titanic rogue wave and capsizes. Kally and her father are rescued by the Hart family. They’re enjoying a vacation on a nearby lighthouse island before plunging into the fall season.

It’s not long before Kally starts feeling she’s in a “summer Disney movie going very, very wrong.” Did a freak storm bring Kally and her dad to the island – or is something else going on? What is making that “sound-feeling”? Are Kally’s drawings “abstract art” or something else?

“All the falling apart of what used to be real? All the erupting of new facts of existence that never before existed on Earth? It all starts now.”

Then the families are hit by three whacked out weather seasons in one night. Then a swarm of “ghost birds.” St. Elmo’s fire. A Home-wrecking downburst. A ferocious whirlwind that knocks out all power and satellite service on the island and thrashes the entire East Coast. Enter “family-busting secrets.” A missing mother – Kally’s. Foothold and handholds. Freezing-tagging. A bellowing foghorn. Wayfinding. A “human antenna.” And Stuart Hart, a champion freerunner and surprising ally who dreams of becoming a NASA flight controller.

What in the world is going on?

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this book at first. Turning pages, however, I discovered a highly engaging blend of dystopian fiction, futuristic sci fi and “family forever.”

Featuring rich, full-bodied characters and robust writing, Solid, Broken, Changing is a page turner from chapter one. (That’s a really unfortunate title. A story as solid as this one deserves something better.) Nimble, agile, and briskly paced, Solid is an expertly crafted story that’s highly readable. It’s an exceptional achievement, especially for a first-time Young Adult novel.

Readers looking for something fresh and new in the YA genre will enjoy Solid, Broken, Changing. This one’s a winner!

Tomodachi1, a Barnes and Noble reader

☆☆☆☆☆5 out of 5 stars.
Compelling And Prescient Read
Amazing that this book was written BEC (Before Everything Changed) — for us all! The story offers prescient inspiration and wisdom relevant to all humans (young and old) attempting to live creatively, and responsively, during a time of great social and environmental change…

Action Packed,
Life Changing,
High School,
Strong Female Protagonist,
Coming of Age,
Couldn’t Put It Down
✔ Yes
I recommend this product.

Lelia, teen reader

I am both an avid reader and environmentalist, and I have long been searching for a book that truly explores the plights of living in this time of global warming…

I really identified with the thoughts and struggles of the characters, especially those of your main character, Kally. Her thought process and transformation over the plot of the book reflects what I think many people around the world are feeling in this day and age…

I also appreciated how everyone supported each other in your story, which shows that we can all depend on one another in times of crisis. That theme is also reflected right now with whole communities supporting one another during this pandemic. 

This was a good read, and I think others would love reading it as well. 

M.A.S., a reader in the Bronx, New York

Climate change is a big anxiety trigger for me, but I felt like I was able to somehow absorb the super harsh realities of what the characters (and we) are facing… I was totally transported. The mixture of anxiety, excitement and adventure was really gripping. And even though it is so intense, there is so much hope and positivity…

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. And how much I needed it! I seriously didn’t put it down. I hope there is a sequel coming.

MM, a reader in Los Angeles

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a compelling work of art for our moment. Rather than turn away from the challenges of living in the anthropocene (how could they), the characters move with incoming force fields to create new, responsive paths. Such attuned, inventive maneuvers will be increasingly vital as we all “way find” trajectories in our totally new, unpredictable ecology.

JK, a reader in Illinois

5.0 out of 5 stars A book for all who care about our planet earth and the changes that may already be underway. We begin BEC (before everything changed). A story of what’s possibly on the way for our planet earth and all who make it home. Capturing the fragile moments of adapting to a changing world we are taken along on this unbelievably believable new normal of a solid, broken and changing life in the Anthropocene.

It’s in the library

Tom, one the hero-of-the-planet librarians and cataloguer at the Provincetown MA public library, is at this moment cataloguing and shelving copies of Solid, Broken, Changing in the Young Adult and Cape Cod Collections!

Tom and the Ptown library were indispensable to the writing of the book. They gave me a great YA collection to research and access to millions of books from universities and public libraries through the MA Commonwealth Catalogue. Plus, those evening screenings of classic and offbeat movies made for perfect breaks from editing.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day to drop off the copies.

Provincetown has one of the best public libraries in the nation at a time when we need them more than ever. It’s a center of the community with free year-round public programming is a lifeblood of the town.

I’m beyond honored to have the book on their shelves.

Writing Solid, Broken, Changing

IMG_0487photo by smudge studio, from Conveyance 

Solid, Broken, Changing was inspired by 15 years of collaborative art-making with Jamie Kruse, as smudge studio.

When I first started writing the book, I saw it as a way to give voice to smudge’s lived experiences of field-researching and responding to the Anthropocene as artists. The book was in rough outline form seven years ago, when journalists first began to explain the word “Anthropocene” to their readers. Anthropocene events ramified. And as they did, the book project felt more urgent and relevant. I was editing its print proof when Greta Thunberg crossed the Atlantic and as the 2019-20 fires raged in Australia. And now, Solid, Broken, Changing feels less like a fiction and more like an artifact of the contemporary moment.

Staging a story about living the Anthropocene on the threshold of adulthood felt appropriate. It’s a time when self and self-in-the-world undergo radical transformations. The ways we humans envision the future as we cross the threshold into adulthood trigger outcomes that are long term, and far from knowable.

Like smudge’s ongoing projects, Solid, Broken, Changing connects the intimacy of daily experience to the vast, generative forces of deep time and geological change.

As each new day turns the world and the future more strange and uncertain, Kally and her unexpected ally, Stuart, dare to confront the fact that they are enmeshed with, and in, the Anthropocene. It is a courageous, generative act—even if it doesn’t always feel that way. New realizations about the immensity of the changes taking place come fast and furious, and Kally and Stuart are buffeted by their emotional force. Growing new skills and inventively adapting old ones, they dead reckon into undreamt of futures that are suddenly theirs.

Ways of meeting and living the Anthropocene; emotional resiliency in the wake of massive change; dangers, challenges and wonders of co-existence; what it means to realize that we are of the Anthropocene and it is of us—these are several of the contemporary conditions of daily life that Solid, Broken, Changing explores through narrative fiction.