Solid, Broken, Changing is my new young adult novel. It’s about being alive in the Anthropocene.

The Anthropocene.  Human activity disturbing the material conditions of life on Earth. Urgent, compounding consequences for humans and nonhumans. An unknowable future, filled with wild cards.  

We humans don’t know what it means to live the Anthropocene. It’s too early to tell. Meanwhile, young people everywhere are having to figure it out as they go.

Kally, aka the human antenna, sensed it coming. Planet Earth was shifting under her feet. So was her family. But she never imagined their tipping points would let go this soon–or this fast.

Now, Kally and her father are sheltering in place with strangers on an island off of Maine. As each new wave of planetary change sweeps the tiny enclave, she fears that she will never get the chance to realize her dreams.

In her urgent search for bearings, Kally discovers a surprising ally in Stuart, a champion freerunner who believes he can vault and spin beyond whatever gets in his way. But, when they pool their skills, they soon realize that no map exists for what they and the earth are becoming.

Setting out to find her way in a future that promises nothing but upheaval, Kally dares to steer by the only pole star she has left–her unbreakable creativity.

You can buy Solid, Broken, Changing in paperback or Ebook.